Double D – I can finally say it.

I know what your thinking, she’s not a double d, and your right I’m absolutely not, actually very far from it. Today I’m talking about a different kind of double d ladies and gents, the stunning double denim. At the minute I’m mad for abit of double denim and I’m not ashamed to say it.

Giz alllllll the denim. Wether it’s a cropped number and a pair of jeans or a sexy skirt and a distressed denim jacket I’m all for it. This blog may come across as a small bit biased just because I work in Topshop and I’d only buy jeans from there but I think we can all agree they are the best of the best!

I got my jeans and my jacket in Topshop, the jacket is old stock but they’ve brought them back this spring which is delish. I’m not usually one for a pair of jeans because trying to find ones that fit me in the waist and the hips tends to be a bigger challenge than it should be ( litch the bane of my life but listen I’m all about self love lately so we’ll let it slide). I don’t really wear skinnies, I’m more of a mom/ straight jean kinda gal. That was until I found my one true love – dad jeans (wearing them in the above pic!). With a tight waist and a kind of flared end but not too flared to make your calves feel fat yet also similar to straights with more of a looser leg ( say this without taking a breath, cause I did) the fit can be described in one word – lethal. I’d wear them all day everyday if I could. I think it kinda goes without saying that every gal needs a good pair of jeans to fall back on when an outfit doesn’t work out so here’s a few favs that I’d happily leave myself broke without a pot to piss in for!

These jeans just smell of SUMMERRRR, I love a ripped jean even if they make my legs look like a boiled ham when I sit down, still love it. These ones are 64€ in Topshop, but don’t forget lovely little student discount aswell, save them pennies baby.

Bleached straights, well well well only one word really, massive. The slightly cropped frayed hem is perfect to show off them sexy ankles and at only €55 why wouldn’t you, as I said, every gal needs a good pair of jeans to fall back on!

Outfit inspo always- ‘ apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur ‘ – T-pain.

Jessie x

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