No pizza before Ibiza x

Holiday season is approaching and I still have a stunning dad bod that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Something I love more than holiday outfit planning is airport outfit planning – obsessed. I’d say I plan my airport outfit at least 5 months in advance (slightly dramatic but you get my drift), sometimes I feel like my whole wardrobe is just one airport outfit, constantly wearing a jumper, oversized T-shirt and a good pair of bicycle shorts. I’m heading on two gorge holibops this summer and even though I’m stressed off my tits finding outfits for the actual holidays itself, airport outfits are sorted!

A grey pair of joggers are all I wear on days off so it would be abit rude not to bring them on a trip with me, because I’m only heading to Turkey and the weather hasn’t been overly hot ill get away with these! Paired with my Air Force and a white tee and I’m laughing my way to the terrace garden in terminal 1. These ones are from PLT- around 30€ but penny’s men’s have them for 7€ and they’re just as gorge and comfy!

This saucy number is around 30€ on Missguided, I’m obsessed with neutral tones at the minute and with a stunnin tan- massive! The only thing I’ll say about a jumpsuit is although it makes u look fine out, going for a wee after a few pre flight drinks tends to be abit of a task in itself! But listen- beauty is pain.

The one thing I never leave the house without regardless of wether it’s on holidays or not is a backpack, I’m not a handbag person if I’m honest, I don’t even own a poxy purse ( probably explains why I’m on my fifth bank card since January) but for holidays one of these is essential! Not to mention for festival season this is a must have. I got my one in penny’s a few months ago, they seem to fly out the minute they come in! Plt have this one for €20, perfect to hold all your bits and bobs in and looks gorge with any airport number you might have planned!

‘ let’s make everyday a holiday’ -Dizzie Rascal (2009)

Jessie x

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