Fresh out of a Colgate Ad.

So this blog isn’t really like my usual ones, I’ve been asked a lot about my recent decision to go to get veneers so I said I’d put all of the details in one place to make it easier! Firstly I’ll start of with saying the procedure I had might not be the same for everyone, my smile wasn’t exactly ‘bad’ and I could of probably gone my life without getting these done but it’s the only thing I notice about myself that I wanted to change, I’m also an impatient little bollox so braces were not an option!

I got my veneers done in Smile in Turkey, Kuşadası. I booked back in November as they tend to book up reaaaaally quickly! Booking was simple enough, the number is on their Instagram so I sent them a text and a few days later they got back to me asking for a picture of my teeth and sent me on an outline of a treatment plan, what they recommended I got etc. Now the actual consultation isn’t until you get there but this gives them an idea of what to expect before you arrive! They also asked for my flight details just to confirm my appt.

I booked my flights and accommodation through and got them for only €400 for 7 days- luuuvly. I stayed in the Palmin hotel, it’s literally a 20 min walk to Star Beach ( v nice if u don’t want to be around children, quiet, loads of wrinkly balls yaaaaas). And all taxis to the main town are only 4€. ALLLLSO, the dentist sends a car to bring you to and from your appointment, the driver is also a gent. Literally living my best life.

So, down to the actual procedure. Mine took 4 days in total, the first appointment was 3ish hours, this consists of the filing of your teeth( very sexy I do have a pic but refuse to show anyone as I’ll be single forever). The moulds of my own teeth were taken before this just for a temporary cover for my sexy fangs. So before the filing of my teeth I was injected with anesthetic and when I say this was the only soreness or pain I had from the entire procedure I mean it, after that I felt absolutely nothing. It actually flew in and after that was done I gave the usual rinse and spit into the basin and was on my merry way.

Now I only ended up getting 8 veneers on the top and 4 on the bottom so this meant ya gurl needed bleaching! Just to match up my bottom teeth really, so the bleaching happened for 30 mins for 3 days. On my second day back to the dentist I had my veneers fitted temporarily just to make sure I was positive I loved them. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t pretended to overly laugh or stare at my smile in the mirror every second since getting them fitted.

On my final appointment I had a small bit of sensitivity from the bleaching so I was injected with anesthetic again to fit the veneers permanently. I also got a scale and polish included in my procedure.

Now for the price! The entire procedure is paid in cash, no deposit beforehand or anything just all when you get there. For the complete mouth it comes in at €4,000, two of my friends got this and it includes everything you could possibly need dental wise- root canal, filings- the lot! Which is deadly considering in Ireland you pay €4,000 for a scale and polish ( dramatic thank u). Since I didn’t get as many done my total was €2,400 ( it’s €200 per tooth). My bleaching was also included in this! The dental surgery itself is honestly so fab, the staff are amazing, and Dr.Erinc himself is lovely. For anyone considering getting them I’d highly recommend Smile in Turkey.

Hope this answers any questions anyone might have, if not ma dms are always open.

Jessie x

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