I know you wanna see me matchy matchy matchy x

My new all time FAV thing to wear is a good sexy co-ord. I’m all for a matchy moment and the amount of stunning co-ords available at the minute gives me life. Whether it’s just for everyday, going out-out or going to a lil festi, you can find one to match any occasion or mood! Gowan the girls x

Starting off with a dressy number, I wore this out on the weekend just gone. I’m mad for a blazer lately, an office looking bitch and I love it. I got this co-ord on Missguided, litch the main source of my online shopping addiction THANK YOU. I’m not usually one for wearing shorts either just because they tend to just go directly up my arse and it’s not a nice sight for any parties involved, but these ones were surprisingly comfortable and the long blazer covered me so I wasn’t conscious of being sober enough to keep an eye out for that (happy days says I). I think the outfit cost around €50 which is also a gorge price for a gorge outfit if I do say so myself.

Next up, a bit more casual. Comfort is key to having a good day don’t @ me. I’m obsessed with a cropped jumper and live in my grey joggers 24/7 so when I seen this next set I lost the will to live ( here I go being over dramatic again over something so small ) also for anyone who knows me knows that my all time FAV brand collab in the entire universe has been and always will be Playboy X Missguided, honestly just take all of my money right now. So yeah, enough of me drooling over a tracksuit but here she is in all her glory. The top and bottoms come in at around €70 but worth every penny, PLSSSSSS look at that.

Finishing off with a bit of festival inspo, I’m very excited to see all the girlos dressed in their best bondage outfits this year ready to own the weekends to come, throw a harness and a bumbag on anything and u can call it a festival outfit. Next up, pre-warning – isn’t for everyone but just imagine this – sun splitting the trees, your locked, deadly tunes playin in the background and there’s some 16 year old in front of you puking her ring up – life’s good, and your outfit is comfy yet u look massive. This ones from ASOS, I’m not usually mad about shirts but I just imagined this with a fedora, bumbag on the chest and a leg harness and just thought stunning. The shorts and shirt comes in at around €100 but still obsessed ( ASOS also have student discount so small bit cheaper for you college bitches ).

Stay safe & stay sexy ladies.

Jessie x

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