Thank god for fem fresh wipes.

Am back bitches. Not that anyone probably noticed but the last two weeks were filled with festival fun and I’m only feeling back to life now. What a bloody fabulous time festival season is, I went to Life festival two weekends ago and on the Sunday just gone decided to have a bop at Forbidden Fruit. Since Longitude and Electric Picnic are still to come I’ll just go through a few of my outfits I wore over the last few weeks. Not that many people have asked BUT enough have for me to write about and that’s a good enough excuse for me babehhhh.

Firstly day 1 of Life fest, may I just tell u all this now and LISTEN when I say this- buying a wig was the best decision I have ever made, especially for a weekend camping festival, my god girls when I say the relief of not having to worry about looking like Lord Farquad after the first night was something else. I got my wig in hairspray for 50€ ( her names Bethany btw), it is synthetic so she’s absolutely wrote off now but listen 50 beans- well worth it.

I went abit plain and simple for my first day, just wore a Nike T-shirt dress, bumbag, threw on a cap and some banana socks and danced the night away. I had a leg harness on but you can’t see it in the pic- also heads up all of my pics are in my tent for some reason SOZ. Marie’s skirt is Praydanna, cute lil Irish insta page have a few gorge bits so they doesssss. Burberry bish out to play.

Second day was the day my arse decided to make an appearance and ruin my family name. All I’m saying is thank god my nanny doesn’t have Instagram cause I would of sent her into an early grave. I’ve had a few Qs about my jeans I wore, YA BISH GOT CREATIVE, I had an old pair of mom jeans from penny’s and I literally just cut the fanny and arse out of them and voila- we’ve got ourselves some assless chaps. The jumper is Playboy X Missguided as per. Threw on a pair of fishnets and granny knickers and called myself Anastasia Steele.

Day 3- I can truly say I was at deaths door and ready to ask my ma to collect me, but I soldiered on. Again, Playboy X Missguided ( I just realized that 3 of my festi outfits have playboy and I don’t know if I love or hate that for me but ?????) trousers, I’m not usually a lumo fan, I can only wear it in small amounts, wishing I was one of them gorge gals who could look fresh off a building site wearing full lumo and still look sexy, but I’d literally look the image of my da in the height of the Celtic Tiger so its a no from me. I had a nakey moment and just wore a bikini top ( by god the nipples were like rocks come 11pm – v cold ) and shout-out to Ben for giving me his bandana to throw around my neck and top my outfit off.

Last but not least my little FF outfit, I’ve wanted a pair of blue denim dungarees for ages now and these are honestly the comfiest most gorge pair ever, I got them in Topshop and I think I’ll live in them for the rest of my days on earth. The T-shirt ( I’m sorry can’t cope with how much playboy I wore wtf is wrong with me) is Playboy X Missguided AGAIN. Shocker. Of course every single one of my outfits was worn with my docs from Schuh. If you don’t own a pair of them now I highly recommend getting the finger out and going and buying some because they go with everything.

Hope all three of my readers are having a great summer and found this useful.

Jessie x

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