Fresh out of a Colgate Ad.

So this blog isn’t really like my usual ones, I’ve been asked a lot about my recent decision to go to get veneers so I said I’d put all of the details in one place to make it easier! Firstly I’ll start of with saying the procedure I had might not be the same for everyone, my smile wasn’t exactly ‘bad’ and I could of probably gone my life without getting these done but it’s the only thing I notice about myself that I wanted to change, I’m also an impatient little bollox so braces were not an option!

I got my veneers done in Smile in Turkey, Kuşadası. I booked back in November as they tend to book up reaaaaally quickly! Booking was simple enough, the number is on their Instagram so I sent them a text and a few days later they got back to me asking for a picture of my teeth and sent me on an outline of a treatment plan, what they recommended I got etc. Now the actual consultation isn’t until you get there but this gives them an idea of what to expect before you arrive! They also asked for my flight details just to confirm my appt.

I booked my flights and accommodation through and got them for only €400 for 7 days- luuuvly. I stayed in the Palmin hotel, it’s literally a 20 min walk to Star Beach ( v nice if u don’t want to be around children, quiet, loads of wrinkly balls yaaaaas). And all taxis to the main town are only 4€. ALLLLSO, the dentist sends a car to bring you to and from your appointment, the driver is also a gent. Literally living my best life.

So, down to the actual procedure. Mine took 4 days in total, the first appointment was 3ish hours, this consists of the filing of your teeth( very sexy I do have a pic but refuse to show anyone as I’ll be single forever). The moulds of my own teeth were taken before this just for a temporary cover for my sexy fangs. So before the filing of my teeth I was injected with anesthetic and when I say this was the only soreness or pain I had from the entire procedure I mean it, after that I felt absolutely nothing. It actually flew in and after that was done I gave the usual rinse and spit into the basin and was on my merry way.

Now I only ended up getting 8 veneers on the top and 4 on the bottom so this meant ya gurl needed bleaching! Just to match up my bottom teeth really, so the bleaching happened for 30 mins for 3 days. On my second day back to the dentist I had my veneers fitted temporarily just to make sure I was positive I loved them. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t pretended to overly laugh or stare at my smile in the mirror every second since getting them fitted.

On my final appointment I had a small bit of sensitivity from the bleaching so I was injected with anesthetic again to fit the veneers permanently. I also got a scale and polish included in my procedure.

Now for the price! The entire procedure is paid in cash, no deposit beforehand or anything just all when you get there. For the complete mouth it comes in at €4,000, two of my friends got this and it includes everything you could possibly need dental wise- root canal, filings- the lot! Which is deadly considering in Ireland you pay €4,000 for a scale and polish ( dramatic thank u). Since I didn’t get as many done my total was €2,400 ( it’s €200 per tooth). My bleaching was also included in this! The dental surgery itself is honestly so fab, the staff are amazing, and Dr.Erinc himself is lovely. For anyone considering getting them I’d highly recommend Smile in Turkey.

Hope this answers any questions anyone might have, if not ma dms are always open.

Jessie x

Bikinis higher than my standards.

Firstly, don’t take the title seriously, I’m a messer if you don’t already know. This little blog is about the one thing everyone apart from myself works towards looking good in all year round, while I search high and low for a dominoes code and a McDonald’s voucher – a bikini. I’ve noticed a new style bikini that absolutely terrifies me and excites me at the same time, yeno the ones that any normal lady bits probably wouldn’t fit into? Yeah, them ones. I’ve always wanted to be able to wear a thong bikini without feeling like I’m literally naked ( I know you more or less are naked but..) so I took my lady balls out of my purse and bought one. Now the chances of it going on my physical body in Ibiza are highly slim to none, so I’ve bought it to test the waters in Turkey, just relax in my little hotel resort knowing I’ll just be surrounded by oul ones. Look all you want Susan I don’t care x

The usual places to go for bikinis for me personally are PLT, Missguided, Penny’s, ASOS and recently I’ve seen Oh Polly have massive ones perfect for the likes of a holibop to Ibiza!

These bikini bottoms give me anxiety but I’m literally obsessed! For under €30 you can’t really go wrong, I ordered this in the black and the quality is fab, you can also pull the material along the string to cover more if you want which i love! Missguided have so many cheap bikinis, I love that you can mix and match colours and styles- gorge!

A good comfy swimsuit is essential for a holiday, ate too many bread rolls? Too many packets of Cheetos? Slight muffin top when you throw your bikini on? Say no more. Throw a swimsuit on and your sorted. This one is from PLT and only €25! Again, the high rise hip situation is a blessing and a curse, having a high rise leg or pulling your bottoms above your hips just brings in your waist that small bit more. A shaving rash wouldn’t be ideal but for all you soldiers that can go through the pain of waxing- get your high rise on!

This ones abit more wild than the others but I’m in love. It’s from Jaded Ldn, available on ASOS and under 60€! The colours are just stun and would be perfect for Ibiza! I love the top detail, it gives you boobs even if you just have nips. Again, high waisted but not so much high rise, also your arse isn’t completely out either so if your heading away with your nanny she probably won’t have a heart attack- happy days.

Just a heads up if your getting your summer wax girls don’t get your ma to do it cause she will end up with a kick in the face and you’ll be left roaring x

Jessie x

No pizza before Ibiza x

Holiday season is approaching and I still have a stunning dad bod that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Something I love more than holiday outfit planning is airport outfit planning – obsessed. I’d say I plan my airport outfit at least 5 months in advance (slightly dramatic but you get my drift), sometimes I feel like my whole wardrobe is just one airport outfit, constantly wearing a jumper, oversized T-shirt and a good pair of bicycle shorts. I’m heading on two gorge holibops this summer and even though I’m stressed off my tits finding outfits for the actual holidays itself, airport outfits are sorted!

A grey pair of joggers are all I wear on days off so it would be abit rude not to bring them on a trip with me, because I’m only heading to Turkey and the weather hasn’t been overly hot ill get away with these! Paired with my Air Force and a white tee and I’m laughing my way to the terrace garden in terminal 1. These ones are from PLT- around 30€ but penny’s men’s have them for 7€ and they’re just as gorge and comfy!

This saucy number is around 30€ on Missguided, I’m obsessed with neutral tones at the minute and with a stunnin tan- massive! The only thing I’ll say about a jumpsuit is although it makes u look fine out, going for a wee after a few pre flight drinks tends to be abit of a task in itself! But listen- beauty is pain.

The one thing I never leave the house without regardless of wether it’s on holidays or not is a backpack, I’m not a handbag person if I’m honest, I don’t even own a poxy purse ( probably explains why I’m on my fifth bank card since January) but for holidays one of these is essential! Not to mention for festival season this is a must have. I got my one in penny’s a few months ago, they seem to fly out the minute they come in! Plt have this one for €20, perfect to hold all your bits and bobs in and looks gorge with any airport number you might have planned!

‘ let’s make everyday a holiday’ -Dizzie Rascal (2009)

Jessie x

Double D – I can finally say it.

I know what your thinking, she’s not a double d, and your right I’m absolutely not, actually very far from it. Today I’m talking about a different kind of double d ladies and gents, the stunning double denim. At the minute I’m mad for abit of double denim and I’m not ashamed to say it.

Giz alllllll the denim. Wether it’s a cropped number and a pair of jeans or a sexy skirt and a distressed denim jacket I’m all for it. This blog may come across as a small bit biased just because I work in Topshop and I’d only buy jeans from there but I think we can all agree they are the best of the best!

I got my jeans and my jacket in Topshop, the jacket is old stock but they’ve brought them back this spring which is delish. I’m not usually one for a pair of jeans because trying to find ones that fit me in the waist and the hips tends to be a bigger challenge than it should be ( litch the bane of my life but listen I’m all about self love lately so we’ll let it slide). I don’t really wear skinnies, I’m more of a mom/ straight jean kinda gal. That was until I found my one true love – dad jeans (wearing them in the above pic!). With a tight waist and a kind of flared end but not too flared to make your calves feel fat yet also similar to straights with more of a looser leg ( say this without taking a breath, cause I did) the fit can be described in one word – lethal. I’d wear them all day everyday if I could. I think it kinda goes without saying that every gal needs a good pair of jeans to fall back on when an outfit doesn’t work out so here’s a few favs that I’d happily leave myself broke without a pot to piss in for!

These jeans just smell of SUMMERRRR, I love a ripped jean even if they make my legs look like a boiled ham when I sit down, still love it. These ones are 64€ in Topshop, but don’t forget lovely little student discount aswell, save them pennies baby.

Bleached straights, well well well only one word really, massive. The slightly cropped frayed hem is perfect to show off them sexy ankles and at only €55 why wouldn’t you, as I said, every gal needs a good pair of jeans to fall back on!

Outfit inspo always- ‘ apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur ‘ – T-pain.

Jessie x

Tour de France X profesh bitch.

After a long Sunday of full fear and two takeaways I’ve finally came back to life and am ready to get back into a week of online shopping that I should not be doing and trying to convince myself I have nothing to be riddled with fear from over the weekend.

My outfit this weekend consisted of two things I love- a good bicycle short and of course a belt ( or should I say two ). I stepped a-bit out of the oul comfort zone and wore a blazer which is unlike me, but listen I’m all about stepping outside that lately ( Gwan me x).

Would u believe me if I said my whole outfit cost me less than €50? If yes then sorry I’m cheap. Also would u believe apart from my heels I was head to thigh penny’s? If also yes then ugh, sorry again. I decided to go for a ‘ just heading for a cycle but might stop off at court’ look, gorge! The thing about a good blazer is you can get away with the whole free the nip buzz if you’ve a pancake chest like myself- winning.

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon of throwing a load of clips into the side of my hair as-well which if you ask me is bleeedin whopper, also helps disguise the fact I need my roots done so takes abit of the focus off that. I got the ‘ kiss’ clip from Azur Couture. Absolutely in love! I always feel like little things like that can add so much to an outfit, I also might of been trying to hint for someone to kiss me- as per that didn’t happen but maybe someday ayeee.

I got everything I wore last minute of course, all in penny’s Dundrum, the blazer was €25 & the belts only €4! I got the bicycle shorts ages ago but they’ll all be coming back in now closer to festival season, yesssss. My clear heels are my go to, v comfortable and go with everything! I think I got them on isawitfirst. A must have if you ask me.

Quote of the week: ‘ ladies leave your man at home, the club is full of ballers and they pockets full grown’ – Destinys child (1999)

Jessie x

The only platform I’ll ever stand on x

Lately I’ve been obsessed with one thing and one thing only – a good ol’ platformed boot! I know what your thinking, ‘ it’s coming into spring/summer and this mad bitch is shiting on about boots?’ Yeah well your right I absolutely am. Regardless of sun, rain or snow I will ALWAYS have a boot on hand for any outfit that may need one and in my opinion for every outfit there is a boot. Controversially, I’ve been wearing tracksuit bottoms and docs, judge me if you want but it’s stunning.

Docs have always been a boot I’ve loved and since I’ve discovered you don’t actually have to spend 60 grand on one pair it just makes it so much better ( I am 100% an extremely dramatic person so no I don’t mean 60 grand literally btw x).

I went through 3 pairs of these bad boys in 5 months, I do blame myself though as I was doing a serious amount of dancing and I tend to dance quite outrageously when I’m drunk so it was only right that I lost one or two soles of my boots. Coming up to festival season if you want a cheap boot that you’ll probably leave down there anyway these bad boys are in Korkys and only €45, absolutely do the job.

The next up are a bit more expensive, a delicious fit all the same. I’ve also noticed my feet don’t smell like guinea pigs 20 mins after wearing these ones as well which is always a plus. I live in these at the minute and delighted to let you know I got them in Schuh ( they do 10% student discount, whopper). Full price €56 – but for you broke ass student babies, that wee bit cheaper!

And last but not least, the inspiration behind all of the above and the ones that will hurt your bank account but will last forever. The best of the best – Jadon from Dr.Marten, I’ve wanted these since forever and one day I will convince some sugar daddy to buy them for me I just haven’t found him yet ( again dramatic don’t take me seriously). Schuh has them at a cheaper price than ASOS at €200 compared to €220, only €20 I know but the more money for chicken nuggets the better.

All of the above boots are available without a platform sole of course, I just love being 7ft and towering over everyone.

Quote of the day is ‘ don’t be afraid to wear docs and tracksuit bottoms cause u defo look fine out.’

Jessie x

The icing on the cake for any outfit.

Anyone can just throw clothes on and pop on out the door on their merry way no accessories involved and what do I say to them people? FAIR PLAY HUNNY. Personally, something as simple as a belt adds ALOT to an outfit for me and I probably will never leave the house without one on. Not only do they help add shape & color, they also bring a pop of howya to any ensemble you might have on.

I’m known in work for being mad for a belt and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve an addiction to them. I feel bollox naked without a belt on if I’m honest and most of my outfits can’t be complete without one. Although for a Topshop belt you’d have to remortgage your house, the quality is something I live for. I’ve put a pic down below just to show how much better an outfit is with a pop of color belt. Now this one was around €25 which is a fair price considering I’ll probably have it forever and also as I said the quality- stunning!

The likes of PLT, ASOS & Missguided are obviously go-to’s for cheap and cheerful belts so I’ll pop one or two gorge ones I might possibly( definitely ) have in my basket at the minute!

This little stunner is around €10 on PLT and I’m living for it. The fact I wouldn’t have to make new holes with a knife and run the risk of stabbing myself is music to my ears. We love a good safety moment.

This big sexy thing is from Mango and I’ve actually had it hidden in my stockroom in work for a few weeks( juuuust until payday). At only €19.99 you can’t really go wrong, I plan on wearing it on hols with a swimsuit but would love it with a nice dress too. It’s real in your face and just screams give me attention, love that.

And one last thing to live by – belts aren’t just an accessory girls- they’re a way of life.

Jessie x