Let’s get fired

Well lads, I’d love to say I’m back but who knows I could disappear again. For someone who’s wrote fuck all blog posts I take some amount of career breaks and I apologize, laziness takes over but listen better late than never to attempt to get back into things amiriteeeeee?

With Christmas parties coming up what better way to jump into it than abit of inspo for all you huns looking to get your bits out for your boss! There’s nothing more scandal filled than a Christmas get together and going by experience, your outfit has ALOT to do with how your night goes. I may or may not have spent the whole of last years Christmas party flashing what little chest I had to every Tom, dick & Harry , all because the front of my jumpsuit had a zip the whole way down the front, try tell me would that of still happened had that zip not of been there? Probably but we’ll say it no.

Let’s get down to business.

Sorry how sexual is this? It would give a snowman a horn. This dress literally has hello promotion written all over it. Pretty little thing of course, they’ve a lot of gorge new stock, a lot of sparkle mind you which personally isn’t me. I look tacky to bits when I put sparkles near my body so for anyone who can pull them off my hat goes off to you, ye little sexy weapon. Anyway, coming in at a gorge little €30 you can’t go wrong, honestly throw that on and you’ll make your money back in drinks on the night so win win.

Ooooooo baby, dreamy dreamy dreamy. If I die soon bury me in these plz. Not everyone’s cuppa tae now but let me set the scene: you’re at the Xmas party venue, you look across the room to see the fella you’ve fancied for ages lookin all massive ready for a little mistletoe moment, you walk past wearing a vinyl snakeprint trouser- chances are your sucking in for the life of you unable to breathe but the trousers do the talking for you, and baby girl you’re not going home alone. I’ll say it beforehand- you’re welcome. Nice little short story there, unfortunately not speaking from experience but a gal can dream. These bad boys are from missguided – €35. Depending on how much skin you want to show I’d probably pair them with a bralette since they’re quite high waisted, also available in tall for all you lanky hoes.

Suit yourself hehe see what I did there. Honestly there’s nothing more gorge than a nice suit, and I’m just obsessed with check print end of so don’t come at me. Again this with a bralette OR if we’re feeling brave maybe just tape the tiddies and go for it! This is from the collusion range for ASOS, such stunning pieces and at €80 for the whole poxy suit you cannot go wrong! Throw on a strappy black heel and a fluffy bag and your dancing all the way to the bar for a baby Guinness.

Hope every one of you get a smooch at your Xmas parties, thank me later.

Jessie x

I love it when you call me seniorita

Well well well, I would say I’m back again but I already said that in my last blog and decided to disappear after ‘ making a comeback’ so I won’t repeat myself, let’s be real I don’t know if I’ll even keep this up as often as I was, it’s abit of a hard one to do between working and then sitting down for an hour or two shiting on about clothes and what not ( it’s actually not hard I’m just a lazy prick who would rather nap). Anywhoooooooo, since I recently done a Vengaboys on it and went to Ibiza, it would be silly not to write about my outfits ( or what little clothing I did wear). Now my style over there wouldn’t be considered suitable for everyone’s taste but listen, am not here for approval babies am here for a good time.

First up we might aswell go straight in no kissing, I’ve worn this skirt to death and I don’t even care- sustainable wha? It’s from Praydanna and it will be my funeral skirt let me tell you that, I got a 10-12 in it but overestimated the size of my waist so had to take it in abit at the side, it’s quite true to size I just shop for my hip size more than my waist because it’s easier to just take things in! The bandeau is from Etsy I think, burb on burb u say? I’m here for it. The leg harness is the best ali express purchase of my 24 years on this earth. Was defo worth the 609 day wait for delivery tbh. I’m telling you if you throw a leg harness on any outfit it automatically puts your sexy points up by 60.

Next up we have the outfit that almost got me kidnapped and sold into the sex trafficking industry, ladies if your to wear something like this make sure your not going out with just one other girl, the old men stares will infact make you puke in your own mouth. Other than all of the weird looks I got wearing this it’s actually my favorite little ensemble I wore in Ibiza. The perfect amount of clothes for the large amount of sweat dripping off your back- sexy. The top is just penny’s, knicker shorts are nasty gal, fishnets penny’s obv. Then the belt is bershka & my other beloved leg harness- another Ali express steal ( you honestly can get every kind of harness possible here so highly recommend getting the finger out and ordering now for next year).

This outfit is a prime example of what accessorizing can do for a simple dress, this dress cost me 9.95€ in h&m and even though it may have looked tie dye from the sweat on my arse at the end of the night it was still one of my favs! Simple yet effective as they say! I’m a big fan of a backpack but in crowded places I always feel safer having a fannypack on my front! Less chance of some wanker robbing me blind – love that for me.

My main advice for Ibiza outfit planning is- dont. I mean that to a certain extent, obviously plan a few bits but your better off just having all your accessories sorted and work the outfit around them, throw loads of different bits into your case and see what you feel over there, even better if whoever is with you has a few bits you can rob (cheers Marie your an angel sent from the heavens). Hope this will all help you sexy galz live your best porn star lookalike life on your holibops.

Much love,

Jessie x

Thank god for fem fresh wipes.

Am back bitches. Not that anyone probably noticed but the last two weeks were filled with festival fun and I’m only feeling back to life now. What a bloody fabulous time festival season is, I went to Life festival two weekends ago and on the Sunday just gone decided to have a bop at Forbidden Fruit. Since Longitude and Electric Picnic are still to come I’ll just go through a few of my outfits I wore over the last few weeks. Not that many people have asked BUT enough have for me to write about and that’s a good enough excuse for me babehhhh.

Firstly day 1 of Life fest, may I just tell u all this now and LISTEN when I say this- buying a wig was the best decision I have ever made, especially for a weekend camping festival, my god girls when I say the relief of not having to worry about looking like Lord Farquad after the first night was something else. I got my wig in hairspray for 50€ ( her names Bethany btw), it is synthetic so she’s absolutely wrote off now but listen 50 beans- well worth it.

I went abit plain and simple for my first day, just wore a Nike T-shirt dress, bumbag, threw on a cap and some banana socks and danced the night away. I had a leg harness on but you can’t see it in the pic- also heads up all of my pics are in my tent for some reason SOZ. Marie’s skirt is Praydanna, cute lil Irish insta page have a few gorge bits so they doesssss. Burberry bish out to play.

Second day was the day my arse decided to make an appearance and ruin my family name. All I’m saying is thank god my nanny doesn’t have Instagram cause I would of sent her into an early grave. I’ve had a few Qs about my jeans I wore, YA BISH GOT CREATIVE, I had an old pair of mom jeans from penny’s and I literally just cut the fanny and arse out of them and voila- we’ve got ourselves some assless chaps. The jumper is Playboy X Missguided as per. Threw on a pair of fishnets and granny knickers and called myself Anastasia Steele.

Day 3- I can truly say I was at deaths door and ready to ask my ma to collect me, but I soldiered on. Again, Playboy X Missguided ( I just realized that 3 of my festi outfits have playboy and I don’t know if I love or hate that for me but ?????) trousers, I’m not usually a lumo fan, I can only wear it in small amounts, wishing I was one of them gorge gals who could look fresh off a building site wearing full lumo and still look sexy, but I’d literally look the image of my da in the height of the Celtic Tiger so its a no from me. I had a nakey moment and just wore a bikini top ( by god the nipples were like rocks come 11pm – v cold ) and shout-out to Ben for giving me his bandana to throw around my neck and top my outfit off.

Last but not least my little FF outfit, I’ve wanted a pair of blue denim dungarees for ages now and these are honestly the comfiest most gorge pair ever, I got them in Topshop and I think I’ll live in them for the rest of my days on earth. The T-shirt ( I’m sorry can’t cope with how much playboy I wore wtf is wrong with me) is Playboy X Missguided AGAIN. Shocker. Of course every single one of my outfits was worn with my docs from Schuh. If you don’t own a pair of them now I highly recommend getting the finger out and going and buying some because they go with everything.

Hope all three of my readers are having a great summer and found this useful.

Jessie x

I know you wanna see me matchy matchy matchy x

My new all time FAV thing to wear is a good sexy co-ord. I’m all for a matchy moment and the amount of stunning co-ords available at the minute gives me life. Whether it’s just for everyday, going out-out or going to a lil festi, you can find one to match any occasion or mood! Gowan the girls x

Starting off with a dressy number, I wore this out on the weekend just gone. I’m mad for a blazer lately, an office looking bitch and I love it. I got this co-ord on Missguided, litch the main source of my online shopping addiction THANK YOU. I’m not usually one for wearing shorts either just because they tend to just go directly up my arse and it’s not a nice sight for any parties involved, but these ones were surprisingly comfortable and the long blazer covered me so I wasn’t conscious of being sober enough to keep an eye out for that (happy days says I). I think the outfit cost around €50 which is also a gorge price for a gorge outfit if I do say so myself.

Next up, a bit more casual. Comfort is key to having a good day don’t @ me. I’m obsessed with a cropped jumper and live in my grey joggers 24/7 so when I seen this next set I lost the will to live ( here I go being over dramatic again over something so small ) also for anyone who knows me knows that my all time FAV brand collab in the entire universe has been and always will be Playboy X Missguided, honestly just take all of my money right now. So yeah, enough of me drooling over a tracksuit but here she is in all her glory. The top and bottoms come in at around €70 but worth every penny, PLSSSSSS look at that.

Finishing off with a bit of festival inspo, I’m very excited to see all the girlos dressed in their best bondage outfits this year ready to own the weekends to come, throw a harness and a bumbag on anything and u can call it a festival outfit. Next up, pre-warning – isn’t for everyone but just imagine this – sun splitting the trees, your locked, deadly tunes playin in the background and there’s some 16 year old in front of you puking her ring up – life’s good, and your outfit is comfy yet u look massive. This ones from ASOS, I’m not usually mad about shirts but I just imagined this with a fedora, bumbag on the chest and a leg harness and just thought stunning. The shorts and shirt comes in at around €100 but still obsessed ( ASOS also have student discount so small bit cheaper for you college bitches ).

Stay safe & stay sexy ladies.

Jessie x

Fresh out of a Colgate Ad.

So this blog isn’t really like my usual ones, I’ve been asked a lot about my recent decision to go to get veneers so I said I’d put all of the details in one place to make it easier! Firstly I’ll start of with saying the procedure I had might not be the same for everyone, my smile wasn’t exactly ‘bad’ and I could of probably gone my life without getting these done but it’s the only thing I notice about myself that I wanted to change, I’m also an impatient little bollox so braces were not an option!

I got my veneers done in Smile in Turkey, Kuşadası. I booked back in November as they tend to book up reaaaaally quickly! Booking was simple enough, the number is on their Instagram so I sent them a text and a few days later they got back to me asking for a picture of my teeth and sent me on an outline of a treatment plan, what they recommended I got etc. Now the actual consultation isn’t until you get there but this gives them an idea of what to expect before you arrive! They also asked for my flight details just to confirm my appt.

I booked my flights and accommodation through Clickandgo.com and got them for only €400 for 7 days- luuuvly. I stayed in the Palmin hotel, it’s literally a 20 min walk to Star Beach ( v nice if u don’t want to be around children, quiet, loads of wrinkly balls yaaaaas). And all taxis to the main town are only 4€. ALLLLSO, the dentist sends a car to bring you to and from your appointment, the driver is also a gent. Literally living my best life.

So, down to the actual procedure. Mine took 4 days in total, the first appointment was 3ish hours, this consists of the filing of your teeth( very sexy I do have a pic but refuse to show anyone as I’ll be single forever). The moulds of my own teeth were taken before this just for a temporary cover for my sexy fangs. So before the filing of my teeth I was injected with anesthetic and when I say this was the only soreness or pain I had from the entire procedure I mean it, after that I felt absolutely nothing. It actually flew in and after that was done I gave the usual rinse and spit into the basin and was on my merry way.

Now I only ended up getting 8 veneers on the top and 4 on the bottom so this meant ya gurl needed bleaching! Just to match up my bottom teeth really, so the bleaching happened for 30 mins for 3 days. On my second day back to the dentist I had my veneers fitted temporarily just to make sure I was positive I loved them. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t pretended to overly laugh or stare at my smile in the mirror every second since getting them fitted.

On my final appointment I had a small bit of sensitivity from the bleaching so I was injected with anesthetic again to fit the veneers permanently. I also got a scale and polish included in my procedure.

Now for the price! The entire procedure is paid in cash, no deposit beforehand or anything just all when you get there. For the complete mouth it comes in at €4,000, two of my friends got this and it includes everything you could possibly need dental wise- root canal, filings- the lot! Which is deadly considering in Ireland you pay €4,000 for a scale and polish ( dramatic thank u). Since I didn’t get as many done my total was €2,400 ( it’s €200 per tooth). My bleaching was also included in this! The dental surgery itself is honestly so fab, the staff are amazing, and Dr.Erinc himself is lovely. For anyone considering getting them I’d highly recommend Smile in Turkey.

Hope this answers any questions anyone might have, if not ma dms are always open.

Jessie x

Bikinis higher than my standards.

Firstly, don’t take the title seriously, I’m a messer if you don’t already know. This little blog is about the one thing everyone apart from myself works towards looking good in all year round, while I search high and low for a dominoes code and a McDonald’s voucher – a bikini. I’ve noticed a new style bikini that absolutely terrifies me and excites me at the same time, yeno the ones that any normal lady bits probably wouldn’t fit into? Yeah, them ones. I’ve always wanted to be able to wear a thong bikini without feeling like I’m literally naked ( I know you more or less are naked but..) so I took my lady balls out of my purse and bought one. Now the chances of it going on my physical body in Ibiza are highly slim to none, so I’ve bought it to test the waters in Turkey, just relax in my little hotel resort knowing I’ll just be surrounded by oul ones. Look all you want Susan I don’t care x

The usual places to go for bikinis for me personally are PLT, Missguided, Penny’s, ASOS and recently I’ve seen Oh Polly have massive ones perfect for the likes of a holibop to Ibiza!

These bikini bottoms give me anxiety but I’m literally obsessed! For under €30 you can’t really go wrong, I ordered this in the black and the quality is fab, you can also pull the material along the string to cover more if you want which i love! Missguided have so many cheap bikinis, I love that you can mix and match colours and styles- gorge!

A good comfy swimsuit is essential for a holiday, ate too many bread rolls? Too many packets of Cheetos? Slight muffin top when you throw your bikini on? Say no more. Throw a swimsuit on and your sorted. This one is from PLT and only €25! Again, the high rise hip situation is a blessing and a curse, having a high rise leg or pulling your bottoms above your hips just brings in your waist that small bit more. A shaving rash wouldn’t be ideal but for all you soldiers that can go through the pain of waxing- get your high rise on!

This ones abit more wild than the others but I’m in love. It’s from Jaded Ldn, available on ASOS and under 60€! The colours are just stun and would be perfect for Ibiza! I love the top detail, it gives you boobs even if you just have nips. Again, high waisted but not so much high rise, also your arse isn’t completely out either so if your heading away with your nanny she probably won’t have a heart attack- happy days.

Just a heads up if your getting your summer wax girls don’t get your ma to do it cause she will end up with a kick in the face and you’ll be left roaring x

Jessie x

No pizza before Ibiza x

Holiday season is approaching and I still have a stunning dad bod that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Something I love more than holiday outfit planning is airport outfit planning – obsessed. I’d say I plan my airport outfit at least 5 months in advance (slightly dramatic but you get my drift), sometimes I feel like my whole wardrobe is just one airport outfit, constantly wearing a jumper, oversized T-shirt and a good pair of bicycle shorts. I’m heading on two gorge holibops this summer and even though I’m stressed off my tits finding outfits for the actual holidays itself, airport outfits are sorted!

A grey pair of joggers are all I wear on days off so it would be abit rude not to bring them on a trip with me, because I’m only heading to Turkey and the weather hasn’t been overly hot ill get away with these! Paired with my Air Force and a white tee and I’m laughing my way to the terrace garden in terminal 1. These ones are from PLT- around 30€ but penny’s men’s have them for 7€ and they’re just as gorge and comfy!

This saucy number is around 30€ on Missguided, I’m obsessed with neutral tones at the minute and with a stunnin tan- massive! The only thing I’ll say about a jumpsuit is although it makes u look fine out, going for a wee after a few pre flight drinks tends to be abit of a task in itself! But listen- beauty is pain.

The one thing I never leave the house without regardless of wether it’s on holidays or not is a backpack, I’m not a handbag person if I’m honest, I don’t even own a poxy purse ( probably explains why I’m on my fifth bank card since January) but for holidays one of these is essential! Not to mention for festival season this is a must have. I got my one in penny’s a few months ago, they seem to fly out the minute they come in! Plt have this one for €20, perfect to hold all your bits and bobs in and looks gorge with any airport number you might have planned!

‘ let’s make everyday a holiday’ -Dizzie Rascal (2009)

Jessie x