Tour de France X profesh bitch.

After a long Sunday of full fear and two takeaways I’ve finally came back to life and am ready to get back into a week of online shopping that I should not be doing and trying to convince myself I have nothing to be riddled with fear from over the weekend.

My outfit this weekend consisted of two things I love- a good bicycle short and of course a belt ( or should I say two ). I stepped a-bit out of the oul comfort zone and wore a blazer which is unlike me, but listen I’m all about stepping outside that lately ( Gwan me x).

Would u believe me if I said my whole outfit cost me less than €50? If yes then sorry I’m cheap. Also would u believe apart from my heels I was head to thigh penny’s? If also yes then ugh, sorry again. I decided to go for a ‘ just heading for a cycle but might stop off at court’ look, gorge! The thing about a good blazer is you can get away with the whole free the nip buzz if you’ve a pancake chest like myself- winning.

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon of throwing a load of clips into the side of my hair as-well which if you ask me is bleeedin whopper, also helps disguise the fact I need my roots done so takes abit of the focus off that. I got the ‘ kiss’ clip from Azur Couture. Absolutely in love! I always feel like little things like that can add so much to an outfit, I also might of been trying to hint for someone to kiss me- as per that didn’t happen but maybe someday ayeee.

I got everything I wore last minute of course, all in penny’s Dundrum, the blazer was €25 & the belts only €4! I got the bicycle shorts ages ago but they’ll all be coming back in now closer to festival season, yesssss. My clear heels are my go to, v comfortable and go with everything! I think I got them on isawitfirst. A must have if you ask me.

Quote of the week: ‘ ladies leave your man at home, the club is full of ballers and they pockets full grown’ – Destinys child (1999)

Jessie x


The only platform I’ll ever stand on x

Lately I’ve been obsessed with one thing and one thing only – a good ol’ platformed boot! I know what your thinking, ‘ it’s coming into spring/summer and this mad bitch is shiting on about boots?’ Yeah well your right I absolutely am. Regardless of sun, rain or snow I will ALWAYS have a boot on hand for any outfit that may need one and in my opinion for every outfit there is a boot. Controversially, I’ve been wearing tracksuit bottoms and docs, judge me if you want but it’s stunning.

Docs have always been a boot I’ve loved and since I’ve discovered you don’t actually have to spend 60 grand on one pair it just makes it so much better ( I am 100% an extremely dramatic person so no I don’t mean 60 grand literally btw x).

I went through 3 pairs of these bad boys in 5 months, I do blame myself though as I was doing a serious amount of dancing and I tend to dance quite outrageously when I’m drunk so it was only right that I lost one or two soles of my boots. Coming up to festival season if you want a cheap boot that you’ll probably leave down there anyway these bad boys are in Korkys and only €45, absolutely do the job.

The next up are a bit more expensive, a delicious fit all the same. I’ve also noticed my feet don’t smell like guinea pigs 20 mins after wearing these ones as well which is always a plus. I live in these at the minute and delighted to let you know I got them in Schuh ( they do 10% student discount, whopper). Full price €56 – but for you broke ass student babies, that wee bit cheaper!

And last but not least, the inspiration behind all of the above and the ones that will hurt your bank account but will last forever. The best of the best – Jadon from Dr.Marten, I’ve wanted these since forever and one day I will convince some sugar daddy to buy them for me I just haven’t found him yet ( again dramatic don’t take me seriously). Schuh has them at a cheaper price than ASOS at €200 compared to €220, only €20 I know but the more money for chicken nuggets the better.

All of the above boots are available without a platform sole of course, I just love being 7ft and towering over everyone.

Quote of the day is ‘ don’t be afraid to wear docs and tracksuit bottoms cause u defo look fine out.’

Jessie x

The icing on the cake for any outfit.

Anyone can just throw clothes on and pop on out the door on their merry way no accessories involved and what do I say to them people? FAIR PLAY HUNNY. Personally, something as simple as a belt adds ALOT to an outfit for me and I probably will never leave the house without one on. Not only do they help add shape & color, they also bring a pop of howya to any ensemble you might have on.

I’m known in work for being mad for a belt and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve an addiction to them. I feel bollox naked without a belt on if I’m honest and most of my outfits can’t be complete without one. Although for a Topshop belt you’d have to remortgage your house, the quality is something I live for. I’ve put a pic down below just to show how much better an outfit is with a pop of color belt. Now this one was around €25 which is a fair price considering I’ll probably have it forever and also as I said the quality- stunning!

The likes of PLT, ASOS & Missguided are obviously go-to’s for cheap and cheerful belts so I’ll pop one or two gorge ones I might possibly( definitely ) have in my basket at the minute!

This little stunner is around €10 on PLT and I’m living for it. The fact I wouldn’t have to make new holes with a knife and run the risk of stabbing myself is music to my ears. We love a good safety moment.

This big sexy thing is from Mango and I’ve actually had it hidden in my stockroom in work for a few weeks( juuuust until payday). At only €19.99 you can’t really go wrong, I plan on wearing it on hols with a swimsuit but would love it with a nice dress too. It’s real in your face and just screams give me attention, love that.

And one last thing to live by – belts aren’t just an accessory girls- they’re a way of life.

Jessie x

A little bit of me x

Hey, my names Jessie.

I’ll be completely honest my nerves are GONE starting this blog but I just need to throw on my big girl pants and bite the bullet. Its been something I’ve had sitting in the back of my head driving myself insane with for weeks now so hereeee I am! I’ve been in fashion retail for around 2 years now, I started off in AllSaints but litch hated my life there so I quit ( I know, mad bitch ) but anyway, I’m working in Topshop at the minute and it’s a dream! I live for styling people in work and seeing an outfit look gorge once it comes together ( can’t forget about also getting a good outfit pic). Anyway, this blog will basically be me shiting on about what clothes I love at the minute, ways I style them and things I feel work well together.

Jessie x